New FreeCom’s Prototype Feature, Life Detector

FreeCom Team have developed new FreeCom‘s Prototype feature “Life Detector”. It’s basically help to detect people under the rubble during wars or disasters by searching FreeCom‘s signals to navigate and find the injured person. During the 21st century, more than 522 significant earthquakes happened with a death toll of more than 430,000 worldwide, Eighty percent of survivors can be rescued alive within 48 hours based on an article published by MDPI.

Life Detector is also a very important solution for the war zones, because normally When a particular area is bombed, It is very difficult to deploy fully equipped emergency teams to rescue people under the rubble, So others who are not equipped risk their life’s to help and rescue them despite being in this dangerous situation, We believe that this feature will help people and facilitate the rescue mission.

FreeCom Life Detector