FreeCom at the Arab Media Forum in Dubai

FreeCom was  invited in May 2017 to the Arab Media Forum in Dubai and met many of the Arab and international industry names who were shown their interests in FreeCom.  The Founder of FreeCom Abdul Rahman AlAshraf talked about his experience of building a success project as a Syrian youth in Europe and importance role  of the civilized dialogue among cultures especially for a Syrian youth who lives in Europe  and faces many challenges to bring the understanding between different cultures.

AlAshraf Success Story has not stopped only on his technical project FreeCom, but also, trying to change the wrong stereotypes through building a big portrait (6 meters width and 2 meters height) contains almost 400 pictures which show many details of the life in Syria before and after the war. Also, he has involved with many workshops in Germany to present his culture and  showing the impact of the civilized dialogue.