FreeCom Project - World's first Mesh Network based on Ultrasound Technology

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FreeCom can make your Internet works offline
Free Your Connection Limitations.

FreeCom is a new Technology letting people communicate even when no internet connection is available. FreeCom was primarily developed for regions suffering war, or simply for places without internet access. Given that 55% of the world population lacks the Telecommunication to communicate without Internet or Mobile signal, FreeCom offers a potent answer to common methods of oppression in the digital era, using every possible technology the smart device offers to send text messages, make calls, and broadcast news, even where no internet is available. With FreeCom, users can also get updates or notifications. FreeCom’s most innovative feature lets users create their own network by connecting to each other: each person acts as a postman giving messages to either the next person until everyone is reached or to just a single targeted person, by mixing people’s physical movements with technologies to achieve connectivity. FreeCom is an astonishingly creative and promising new tool.

FreeCom Founder

Abdul Rahman Alashraf is the European Youth Award Young Digital Champion 2016

Abdul Rahman Alashraf

Software Engineer and Founder of FreeCom
Abdul is the founder of FreeCom and the European Youth Award 2016 Young Digital Champion. He’s Syrian Software Engineer having Master Degree from Stuttgart, Germany, And working as a Consultant in MHP – A Porsche Company.

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